General Terms and conditions President Voyage Srl

  1. Unless other indications, the terms and conditions defined here below are to be understood as general terms and conditions of contract applicable to all bookings made by the customer with President Voyage Srl a company registered in Italy, with headquarter in Milan, at via Marcona 15, VAT number IT11944520961.
  2. Customers who sign the contract and/ or decide to use the services provided by President Voyage also expressly accept the following general terms and conditions.
  3. The general conditions contain both the privacy policy and the information on the correct use of the site, in case of its use.
  4. Please read these Terms carefully before booking your flight service with President Voyage.
  5. If one of the Terms listed below is declared null or in contrast with any applicable law, the other terms will remain valid and effective in any case.
    President Voyage Srl: the service company that searches the best prices on the market directly from aircraft operators, in order to provide ad hoc charter services as well as any additional service requested by the final clients.
    Final Clients: whoever requests the ad hoc charter flight and purchases related services on, according to the General Terms and Conditions indicated below.
    Air Operator: the company / airline in possession of a valid Operator’s License, Aeronautical Operator Certificate and other equivalent documentation which carries out the flight.
    1.1 “Agreement”: reference is made to the contract concluded in writing or through the use of the website owned by President Voyage Srl regulated by art. 52 of Legislative Decree. n. 70/2003 and these General Conditions and any other special conditions included in the sales invoice and / or in the contract.
    1.2 “Aircraft”: refers to the aircraft (including helicopters) used for each individual flight, having certain characteristics, previously agreed between President Voyage Srl and the client.
    1.3 “Sales price”: refers to the total amount indicated in the invoice and in the contract established by President Voyage Srl in relation to a purchase.1.4 “Flight”: refers to the single route, agreed between President Voyage Srl and the final client, departing from a specific airport and arriving at a specific destination airport.
    1.5 “Itinerary”: refers to the flight and / or a series of flights (including any positioning flights) which include the places of departure, the places of destination, the stopping points and each flight time, as well as the time of estimated departure and arrival. The itinerary, even if previously agreed between President Voyage Srl and the final customer, could undergo, for safety reasons and technical needs, variations, even significant ones, without prejudice to President Voyage’s contractual obligation to reach the final destination.
    1.6 “Aircraft Rental Contract”: reference is made cumulatively and / or alternatively to the stipulation of the contract between President Voyage Srl and / or to the emission of the invoice to the client, which certifies the sale of an ad hoc charter flight, in which these Conditions are recalled General and in which any special conditions are indicated. The contract will usually be stipulated between the final customer and President Voyage Srl through IT and / or digital systems. The telematic contract, as stipulated “at a distance”, will be governed by art. 52 and ss. of the Consumer Code.
    1.7 “Client/ s”: refers to subjects who decide to purchase President Voyage Srl services, available through the website, by telephone, computer or any other mobile application.
    1.8 “Passenger (s)”: refers to the person and / or people for whom the flight and / or any additional services have been booked and paid for and who will benefit from the final service.
    1.9 “Request for quote”: refers to the procedure through which the customer makes a request for a quote with flight details. Following this request, President Voyage Srl will compare the prices sent by the operators, so as to meet the customer’s needs, creating a quote including details or additional services and special requests from the passenger. The price indicated in the quotation, the type of aircraft and any details included in the quote, but not limited to, crew, fuel, airport taxes, slots and authorizations, are to be considered subject to verification of actual availability at the time of customer confirmation.
    1.10 “Special conditions”: reference is made to any variation of the General Terms and Conditions of sale.
    2.1 President Voyage Srl following the purchase of the service, the aircraft will be made available to the client through the operator holding the Aeronautical Operator Certificate; the client agrees to use the service according to the terms and conditions established in the contract (including all special conditions known and accepted by the customer at the time of purchasing the flight).
    2.2 The natural or legal person who has made the booking of the service can also do so on behalf of third parties, who will materially benefit from it, provided that he accepts the Terms herein reported; assumes responsibility for the management and transmission to the beneficiary (s) of all communications relating to the Booking itself, including these Terms.
    2.3 The purchaser of the flight service must always provide President Voyage Srl with his e-mail address and telephone number, or that of the actual user of the service, if different, in order to allow President Voyage Srl to contact him / her directly in the event of interruptions. of the flight, such as delays or cancellations.
    3.1. President Voyage Srl provides all the information about the payment systems for the rental of private jets or ancillary services in the specific section of the website or via email. The client will pay President Voyage Srl the price of the flight or service provided according to the amount, currency and times indicated in the invoice and in the sales contract.
    3.2. The sale price is also calculated on the basis of the cost of fuel established by the official quotations at the time of booking the flight. In the event that, for any reason, the price of fuel increases between the booking date and the flight date, if requested by the airline operator, the client must pay President Voyage Srl an amount equal to the difference between the final cost of fuel and the cost originally paid.
    3.3. If for any reason the payment of the price indicated on the contract and on the invoice will not be made by the customer by the deadline indicated, President Voyage Srl reserves the right not to make the flight. The contract is finalized as well as with the signature on the contract form, following the advance payment of the entire amount to the current account of President Voyage Srl by credit via one or more payment cards (credit card, prepaid card, debit card) provided by the client, and / or bank transfer or other alternative and equivalent electronic payment instrument previously indicated on the site.
    3.4. No objection and / or exception relating to the condition of transport will entitle the client to suspend and / or delay the payment of the agreed amount for the flight (s) and / or services booked with President Voyage Srl.
    3.5. The final client is required to pay all cost items, in relation to any expenses incurred and relating to flight operations, as provided for in the contract. In the event that it is necessary to de- icing the wings of the aircraft, an additional cost will be applied to the agreed one which will be fully charged to the client with the issue of a regular invoice for the final surcharge. President Voyage Srl may request a pre-authorization on the customer’s credit card for the additional cost of this service. The final decision of the de-icing procedure is the sole responsibility of the aircraft operator and the aircraft Commander.
    3.6. The customer must pay the de-icing invoice no later than 7 days from receipt of the same; the same applies to any additional extra costs.
    3.7. In the event that the client wishes to change the itinerary or make other significant changes (for example departure time, passenger list, change of airport or other flight request) President Voyage will modify the flight booking if possible and if the operator accepts such changes; in this case, any additional cost will be charged to the client, who will have to pay President Voyage Srl the amount due according to the timing established by the contract.
    3.8. The payment of the amount due as agreed in the sales contract can be made by bank transfe and credit card.
    3.9. If, due to a technical failure, the aircraft cannot fly in accordance with the forecasts of the flight reservation, President Voyage Srl reasonably undertakes to procure a suitable replacement aircraft avoiding any other additional costs for the customer. In the event that President Voyage Srl has found a suitable replacement aircraft (by adequate we mean an aircraft that can carry the set number of passengers and that can operate the route provided for by the contract and invoice), but the client decides not to accept the solution proposed by President Voyage Srl, the latter will in any case have the right to withhold the total amount paid by the customer (including taxes). If President Voyage Srl cannot find a suitable replacement aircraft, the reimbursement in favor of the client is equal to the entire amount shown on the sales invoice. In the case of flights exceeding one, President Voyage Srl will refund the client the only sum of money relating to the flight not performed. All the above refunds that involve the partial cancellation of the sales invoice will be calculated on a proportional basis as follows: the amount to be returned to the client (excluding the taxes for the conclusion of the contract) can be obtained considering the total number of flight hours totals provided in the sales contract that cannot be executed due to flight cancellation.
    3.10. Unless otherwise agreed before the flight, the Wi-Fi connection is not included in the sale price. Any connection available on the aircraft used by passengers or the client will be paid for by the client upon receipt of the invoice, as well as any other service used by the client and not authorized by President Voyage Srl.
    3.11. Flight bookings are based on internationally recognized ICAO (4 letter) and IATA (3 letter) airport codes and not on airport names which may be changed or interpreted differently. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the airport codes shown on the contract, invoice and flight itinerary and verify their accuracy.
    The client must obtain and provide all the necessary documentation (including for any pets carried on board) for transport and flight, as established and prescribed by national and international law. All passengers who will be on board the flight must always provide President Voyage Srl a valid identification document (identity card in Italy or EU, only if valid for expatriation, or passport for non-EU flights), as well as all the information and assistance necessary to complete the documentation at the time of the reservation. It will be the client’s responsibility to fill in any forms, self-certifications, QR codes, PCR tests (Covid-19 tests) required by government or airport authorities and to promptly provide this documentation within 24 hours before the flight to President Voyage Srl The absence of one or more forms or documents described above will make it impossible to make the flight and will be considered as a cancellation by the customer with a charge equal to 100% of the price shown on the contract and on the invoice. Criminal and civil liability for the inaccuracy or untruthfulness of the information provided remains with the client and / or passengers, exempting President Voyage Srl from any liability, which merely transmits this documentation to the operator or other bodies in charge.
    5.1. The aircraft operator will be responsible for making the aircraft available for the scheduled departure of the flight by adequately ensuring services, equipment, fuel and airworthiness in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state in which the aircraft is registered. The aircraft will be managed by the aircraft operator on the basis of applicable laws and regulations prior to take-off and landing.
    5.2. In line with its general operational needs, the aircraft operator is committed to:
  • make the aircraft and operating personnel, including cabin crew, available for the departure time indicated in the contract;
  • make operational staff available to welcome passengers at the entrance to the airport of departure, FBO or in the agreed place;
  • provide operational staff to assist customers / passengers at the destination airport.
    5.3. President Voyage Srl undertakes to:
  • respond to any customer request concerning the methods of use of the service purchased;
  • promptly inform the client / user of any delays in flight planning, whatever the reason.
    The commander of the aircraft will have to take care of everything related to the preparation of the aircraft: whether the flight can be carried out and / or whether the flight can continue once it has begun. The client accepts, definitively and irrevocably, by signing the contract sent by President Voyage Srl any decision made by the captain on every aspect of the operation of the aircraft, including any other deviation of the itinerary or modification of the landing site. In this case, no cost or refund can be requested by the customer from President Voyage Srl.
    5.4. All ground personnel and flight operators, including cabin crew, are only authorized to take orders from the aircraft operator and / or the commander or competent authorities.
    5.5. On all flights, based on the legal system in force, smoking is not allowed. If the client smokes inside the aircraft (whatever the type: cigarettes or cigars and / or electronic cigarettes), the client will bear all the necessary cleaning costs, determined by the airline operator, in addition to and in addition to any penalties provided by the airline.
    6.1. In the case that a passenger does not arrive in time for boarding, the airline operator and President Voyage Srl they will not be responsible for the passenger (s) or the client. The airline operator is not obliged to operate in a manner other than that provided in the agreed flight itinerary. The client will be responsible for any additional costs, paying the amount due to President Voyage Srl, necessary to cover any applicable charges and expenses incurred by the airline operator for the change of route or timetable. If it is not possible to change the time and / or destination, the client will still be required to pay for the flight without any right of reimbursement.
    6.2. In the case of a delay of more than three hours attributable to the operator (excluding force majeure) any costs and expenses incurred by the client will be reimbursed by the airline operator through President Voyage Srl.
    6.3. In the case that any passenger of the client is denied entry to any destination airport, the client must reimburse and hold harmless the Airline Operator, its employees, officers and / or representatives against costs or expenses of any kind incurred (including, but not limited to, taxes, penalties or other expenses charged to the airline operator or to President Voyage Srl by the immigration police) and, in addition, all costs or expenses incurred for any transport agreements of this passenger / s up to the country of departure.
    In the case that the customer wishes to cancel one or more flights after the signing of this contract, President Voyage Srl will retain the percentages indicated in the contract as a lump sum penalty for cancellation.
    If cancellation involves multiple flight legs, the Cancellation Fees shall be calculated in relation to the date of the first flight leg, and the total Price.
    These flights are solely offered at the special conditions of Empty Leg / Special Availability Flights. Thus, President Voyage Srl cannot issue any guarantee for Empty Leg / Special Availability Flights or organize an alternative flight pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions. Empty Leg / Special Availability Flights are characterized by the fact that they are offered by President Voyage Srl subject to an already confirmed Masterflight, at a reduced rate and only to selected Charterers on very short notice. An Empty Leg Deal is, for the purposes of these Standard Terms and Conditions, any flight booking for which a lower price is given based on the Client travelling on an existing empty sector, or similar route for which normal repositioning of the aircraft is reduced. If, after booking an Empty Leg, any changes to the flight schedule comprised in the Principal Charter shall result in the Empty Leg becoming unavailable, the Charterer of the Empty Leg shall be offered alternative arrangements, with revised pricing as applicable. The Charterer of an Empty Leg which becomes unavailable shall have no obligation to accept the alternative arrangements and if such alternative arrangements are not accepted within the notified validity period for acceptance, a full refund of fees and charges already paid, if any, will be offered by the Carrier. The quoted price(s) for Empty Leg charters do not include for catering services other than bar / cabin snacks or for any other services such as de-ice or WIFI costs which will be charged at costs after the flight.
    8.1. By purchasing the service, the client undertakes to comply with all indications provided by the airline operator and / or by President Voyage Srl. For the purpose of providing the purchased service.
    8.2. By purchasing the service, the client exonerates the airline operator and / or President Voyage Srl from any responsibility. For any claims, requests, actions, procedures and costs of any kind deriving from behaviors chargeable to the same and / or to the passengers indicated by the same.
    8.3. By purchasing the service, the client undertakes to comply with these conditions and terms, also by virtue of the permits obtained through licenses, authorizations and must ensure the same behavior for each passenger indicated by the same.
    9.1. Each agreement can be canceled with a written notice from President Voyage Srl if the client: – does not make the payment of the sums due within the peremptory deadline established;
  • has a conduct that, according to President Voyage Srl, could damage, discredit or compromise the position and / or reputation of President Voyage Srl.
    9.2. President Voyage Srl in agreement with the flight operator, reserves the unquestionable right to cancel the flight and / or to refuse the execution in the following cases:
    a) the client is manifestly under the effects of psychotropic and / or alcoholic substances which significantly alter his / her ability to control himself;
    b) the client is found in possession of weapons of any kind that he refuses to entrust to the crew, and / or other objects that, at the sole discretion of the flight operator, may represent, if used, a danger to the safety of ‘crew;
    c) the client refuses to follow the instructions provided by the crew for take-off.
    d) in all other cases in which the operator and / or the staff connected to the same have reason to believe, on the basis of concrete and documentable elements, that the customer can cause damage to things and people during the flight.
    10.1. If a flight is canceled by the client, he must immediately pay President Voyage Srl, all amounts due and not paid, if not yet paid. The client undertakes to indemnify President Voyage Srl from any loss, damage, cost, expense, claim or liability or incurred by the operator as a result of the cancellation and that he requests from President Voyage Srl.
    10.2. The client undertakes to reimburse President Voyage Srl in the case of any damage, accidental and / or malicious, caused to the aircraft, upon mere presentation of the tax invoice. In this case, the customer authorizes President Voyage Srl to withhold the amount blocked on the credit card.
    11.1. President Voyage Srl is not liable to the client for delays or cancellations of the service resulting from force majeure, labor disputes and / or strikes of any kind (including the personnel of the aircraft operator himself); disruption of operations or any other cause not dependent on the aircraft operator, including accidents or breakdowns of the aircraft engine or any other component or machinery connected to it.
    11.2. Carriage performed is subject to the conditions contained or indicated in the flight documentation of the aircraft operator, including the measures provided for in the “General Conditions of Carriage”. President Voyage Srl is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the client before, during or after the flight.
    11.3. The client and / or passengers must behave during the security checks and for the entire period of the flight in compliance with the standards imposed by the rules on national and international security. The operator reserves the right to accept or refuse on board any passenger who may appear or have obvious symptoms of intoxication or be under the influence of illicit
    substances, drugs or in an evident state of drunkenness or agitation that could preclude the normal performance of activities. boarding and / or flight. In this case President Voyage Srl will not have to reimburse the client for the service not performed due to the behavior of the client and / or passengers and will retain the total amount of the flight included in the contract signed and paid by the customer.
    12.1. All information and notifications provided in the contract and in the sales invoice for the service must be in writing and are considered valid if delivered or sent by e-mail, fax, text message or Whatsapp or Telegram message, to the counterpart’s contact details. As provided at the time of booking and indicated on the invoice. Each of these communications will be considered complete at the time of its sending to the counterparty. Similarly, in case of use of the electronic communication tools described above, any confirmations, consent to payments by bank transfer, credit card (s), and any other form of adhesion relating to flights or to related services.
    12.2. The observance by the client of the deadlines is mandatory in accordance with the obligations established by the purchase of the service (s) provided by President Voyage Srl.
    12.3. No modification of the agreement can become effective except in writing and accepted by both parties.
    12.4. The sale price, payment terms and other commercial conditions contained in each agreement are exclusive to President Voyage Srl and must not be disclosed to third parties without written approval.
    12.5. The client has no right to grant to third parties any agreement stipulated with President Voyage Srl.
    12.6. Aircraft rental contracts are governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law and any dispute arising from the application, execution and / or interpretation of the contract and these conditions and terms will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian State at the competent court of Milan.
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